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EHI Mold Remediation
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 17 reviews
 by Google Review by KT
The best in the business
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

I’ve used EHI more than l care to remember. You simply can’t go wrong with EHI. They’re the best in the business! Responsive, fairly priced and knowledgeable. In my line of work, l came across mold all too often and there’s no other team l can trust but EHI. If you need the best at a fair price, call EHI today! You won’t be disappointed.

 by Google Review by Guy C.
Never failed to eradicate the problem at a fair price
City & State: Sykesville, MD

I have used EHI for nearly 25 years. They probably done over 140 projects for me. I am air quality consultant CT group environmental. Never once has he failed to eradicate the problem at a fair price because sometimes cost is not the factor. Success is the measure of quality. He behind us work.

 by Google Review by Becky B.
Friendly, knowledgeable and professional
City & State: Woodbine, MD

I would recommend EHI Mold Remediation. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional and went the extra step to make sure the basement mold was cleaned up and would hopefully not happen again. I am happy with their service. I am grateful for all the ideas they gave us to help the basement stay mold free.

 by Charlie
Great Company!
City & State: Eldersburg, MD

EHI was friendly and professional. They answered every question I had, and they got the job done well, at a great value. If I ever get mold again (fingers crossed I don't!), I won't hesitate to give them a call.

 by K. Arms
Very recommended
City & State: Columbia, MD

Ivelin and his crew were great start to finish. I got several estimates for my basement mold remediation -- Ivelin made the best impression that he knew what he was doing and would do it without compromise. The quote for the job was given with a detailed remediation plan, which I did not get from any other company. The price was also lower than other companies for similar workload. The job was completed in a short time and Ivelin made a couple recommendations to prevent future problems. I'd definitely recommend!

 by C Markulik
Excellent Work
City & State: Mt Airy

Ivelin and his crew did an amazing job removing mold on the wall in our garage. They were prompt, professional, and they explained what they were going to do so we understood the process. We are very happy that we went with EHI Mold Remediation and will recommend their services.

 by Linda
EHI Mold Remediation
City & State: Ellicott City, MD

EHI was extremely professional and kept me updated throughout the process. Ivelin and his crew arrived early and stayed late. I would definitely hire EHI again should the need arise. Good price and quality work.

 by Angie's List Review
City & State: Baltimore, MD

Excellent service! Ivelin and his crew kept me updated every step of the way. I was unfortunate to find mold but fortunate to have contacted EHI. I would definitely hire EHI again should the need arise.

 by Jill B
Highly Recommended!!!
City & State: Eldersburg, MD

We could not have asked for a better experience working with Ivelin and his team to remove our attic mold. They were prompt, efficient and professional. They also provided an excellent recommendation of Carroll Insulation to perform the removal and reinstallation of all the insulation. The process could not have gone smoother or more timely to keep the sale of our house right on schedule. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you!!

 by Google Review
Excellent Job
City & State: Maryland

Ivelin and his crew did an amazing job on our basement! We recently purchased a short sale with extensive mold in the basement. EHI did an excellent job of removing contaminated drywall and cleaning every exposed surface. I really appreciated his honesty and thoroughness, and I thought the price was very fair. I would recommend EHI without hesitation.

 by Google Review
Customer Service Was Outstanding
City & State: Maryland

I recently hired EHI Mold Remediation for a project in my house. We noticed black mold in our basement and called several contractors for estimates. EHI Mold Remediation was by far the most professional - they followed up promptly to all phone calls, text messages, and emails and arrived on time, every time. When EHI came in for the assessment, EHI discovered additional mold that the previous contractors had missed - and yet EHI's estimate was directly competitive to the other contractors.

When it came time to complete the work, EHI showed up with a small team - all members of the team were quiet, clean, and respectful of my house and living space. The work required removing some stored personal items, and the EHI team did so carefully and made sure my belongings were mold free and well protected from debris during the work. The actual work itself was completed quickly and cleanly, and they stopped several times to show me what work was being completed and why it was necessary.

The work was completed on time and on budget, and I am certain that the mold is removed. I'd select EHI Mold Remediation again, and will recommend them to my friends and family that have similar issues. They were extremely professional and thorough, the prices were fair, and the customer service was outstanding.

Thank you very much for the kind words. We are just trying to do what you hired us for. Thank you for your business.

 by Leslie G.
Responsive, Efficient & Professional
City & State: Maryland

EHI Mold Remediation was responsive, efficient and professional. Phone calls and texts were always answered promptly. The work was completed on time and my ninety year old parents were treated in a caring and respectful way while their basement was being remediated.

 by Angies List Review
Basement mold remediation and basement water sealing
City & State: Maryland

Ivelin came to the house within a day or two of contacting him, he did a very thorough job assessing water sources, drainage, seepage through the unsealed cinderblocks, humidity, and mold in the 2200sqft basement. He also spent more time than any other company and allocated time to just talk. He was very informative and very courteous and friendly. The estimate was within the same price ranges of our other estimates, so we went with him because he took the time to inform as well as describe in complete detail his plan in a very informative and friendly manner. He even gave us a lot of great advice about problem water sources for which we acted upon. We felt like he took full ownership of the basement and the mold issue. Ivelin and his team arrived on time all days. The first day they sealed off the basement, brought in four to five air scrubbers, and began clearing out the basement. They started cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, and treating every single inch of the floor, walls, support structures, joists, and wood. This process went on for 3 days before going into the sealing phase. They worked with me on a good color for the basement walls, then they tinted the Drylock sealer and began to paint. Their paint job was very well done, no spills, drips, or blotches anywhere, and it was thorough and clean. After the paint job it took 48 hours for them to collect the sample to submit to the lab for analysis. The report came back with extremely good results, and then we inspected and saw the results of their work. It looked extremely clean, and the air was really clean--minus the residual smell of the Drylock. There were some areas where the paint did not stick that well on the porous cinderblocks so that wall seemed patchy and appeared as though it had a light application. It had rained the night before and I also found a small area which looked humid. I called Ivelin and asked him if he had any left-over paint I could use to over these areas. Instead, he showed up the next day with a full painting crew and added another coating to the walls--to the entire basement and not just the problem areas. He then left residual paint for any touch ups. Drylock requires two coats at 5 gallons per 500sqft for the 15 year warranty. Drylock is about $183 per 5 gallon, so it's not cheap. Our walls required ~11 gallons for each coat, and 22 total. He used over 30 gallons since we already had one room coated prior to him starting his work. His crew worked very well, and were very clean. They came to the job site, did their work, then left without any issues. My only concern, for which I spoke to them about, was on the usage of PPE. When working with the Drylock they used the air scubbers to vent the gases but it really didn't do much for the smells. I think that the masks they were using weren't really good for painting, but I'm not the expert, and were only HEPA and for mold remediation. Anyway, overall extremely happy. I asked Ivelin if his company did any other type of work for which i could hire him for--unfortunately, he focused only on mold remediation. Finally, I really enjoyed working with Ivelin.

 by Caitlin H.
Best Experience
City & State: Maryland

Had the best experience with this company. Ivelin was prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. He worked very hard at a reasonable price and we are extremely satisfied with the results. We will absolutely work with Ivelin again.

 by Ray S.
No Pressure, No Hassles
City & State: Maryland

EHI provided a very timely and honest evaluation of our mold problem. They were willing and able to work with on a timeline that we were comfortable with. No pressure, no hassles. The crew was friendly and respectful of our family and home. From start to finish, EHI helped make the problem as painless and worry-free as possible. We would recommend EHI to anyone with a need to have a mold problem evaluated and/or handled.

 by Tony Z.
The Only Mold Inspector I Use
City & State: Maryland

The only mold inspector I use. Top quality, very affordable, very professional.

 by Angies List Review
Very Professional
City & State: Maryland

EHI did a very thorough inspection and testing. I called them on a Friday evening around 6 P.M. and asked if they could do the test first thing in the morning on that Saturday. I explained to them that my client had to go out of town and only had Saturday morning available. EHI moved some things around and came out Saturday morning and did the full test and inspection. Very professional and explained everything about the process in high detail. The House did test positive for mold and HI provided a very impressive report. I will be using / recommending them in the future.